Maths Lab kits and Instruments

Nammah Overseas is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Maths Lab Trainer kits, Maths lab training instruments, Maths lab training instruments & Maths Lab kits which are exclusively manufactured for school lab supplies as part of school laboratory equipments or school lab equipments. We offer Maths Laboratory Trainer kits, Maths laboratory training instruments, Maths laboratory training instruments & Maths Laboratory kits taking into consideration modern teaching techniques and methods. Our products are targeted towards teaching and learning interests of both teachers and students. Some of the popular products in this category are Junior Mathematics Kit, Senior Mathematics Kit, Square Set, Tangram, Dice, Stencil, Count and See, Protractor, Test board 2pcs/set, Centimeter cubes, Drawing Instruments Box, Set Square Of Transparent Plastic, Foot Rulers Plastic, Meter Scale Wooden, Pantagraph, Architectural French Curves, Ink Bow Compass, Map Measurer-Rotameter, Beam Compass, Parallel Rulers Brass In Wooden Box, Plastic Protractors Circular, Service Protractors, Drawing Models, Maths Wooden Products, Base Ten Block, Geometric Shapes, Board Game Laminated, Circle Math Lab Kit, Counting sticks, Cubes, Data & Finance, Fractions, Geometry 2D, Geometry 3D, Geometry Geo Board, Geometry Geo Sticks, Geometry Manipulative, Identities, Measurement, Number Concept, Pattern & Blocks, Sorting, Theorems, Time & Trigonometry Theodolite model.

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